Who We Are

The KUFI Club of Chicago is an Illinois nonprofit organization incorporated in May 2015. The KUFI Club of Chicago addresses the cultural, career, academic and social needs of at-risk African-American youth living within Chicago’s Austin Community. The KUFI Club of Chicago purpose is to teach at-risk African-American youth critical thinking, decision making and basic life skills training, give framework for family and social values, leadership development, and community empowerment. The KUFI Club of Chicago program design focuses on ‘Rites of Passage’ frameworks connecting at-risk African-American youth to their history, literature, and traditions to guide them into responsible adulthood.
African American boys are at a higher risk within their communities due to the
lack of economic support, performance difficulties and/or social challenges. Most African American youth today live in households with no adult male model representing “manhood”, causing them to mimic the behaviors of peers. Many youths are seeking help from the most prevalent organizations; cliques/gangs. These cliques/gangs have cruel and vicious “rite of passage” initiations that leave our young people, families and communities in devastation.

Youth who become members of the KUFI Club will work to earn this high honor symbol of wearing the Kufi cap. The general idea of wearing a Kufi cap is to offer a sign of humility before God, and to symbolize a sense of self-pride and dignity about oneself. Through the KUFI Club youth will be given an opportunity to engage in empowerment programs designed to give them voice, responsibility and leadership authority for creating positive system change for themselves and others who live in their communities.

Peace & Blessings