Each of the youth depicted in the emblem are wearing a cap referred to as a Kufi, which is the theme of the club, with the exception of one young lady wearing a West African-styled head wrap. Hence, the name Kufi comes from a West African language meaning "crown" and thus the young female members of the Kufi Club can also wear their West African head wraps as their crown in addition to the Kufi cap. Accordingly, the Kufi is universally worn by people from all ethnic groups, cultures, and religions as it symbolizes protection of the mind from negative thoughts and also the mind being covered in knowledge and wisdom. Additionally, Black youth will wear the Kufi as a symbol of pride in their West African heritage as the majority of Blacks in America are descendants of West Africans who were transported to America during the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade. Therefore,  the young members of the Kufi Club will wear the "crown" of supreme intelligence, peace, and righteousness, which they will have to earn through participating in the club's various programs. Also the color of each member's Kufi will symbolize their stage of growth and development within the club.  
The Kufi Club of Chicago emblem symbolizes and embodies the very essence and heart of the Kufi Club's purpose. Hence, the emblem depicts five young people immaculately dressed in highly civilized and cultural fashion. Accordingly, Kufi Club members will be required and expected to always dress in a manner that is presentable and respectable whenever in public. Thus, Kufi Club members wearing sagging pants will not be tolerated or accepted.
In each of the youths' hand depicted on the emblem is a book. As stated previously, the Kufi represents knowledge and wisdom, which Kufi Club members will partially gain through their readings and studies within the club's programs. One of the primary objectives of the Kufi of Club of Chicago is to greatly increase the literacy rate of our Black and Latino youth.
Accordingly, among 4th graders, 53% of African American students, 52% of Latino students, and 48% of American Indian students scored below the "Basic" level on the National Assessment of Educational Progress reading test. Among 8th graders, 44% of African American students, 41% of Latino students, and 37% of American Indian students scored below the "Basic" level on the NAEP reading test (NCES, 2009). Therefore, to reduce the drop-out and incarceration rate of inner-city youth the Kufi Club of Chicago's programs are designed and intended to develop our young members into avid, fluent, and critical readers.
 In the background of the emblem is a depiction of the Chicago skyline. Thus, another objective of the Kufi Club is to foster the development of Chicago's future leaders. We want our young members to take pride in their city and work toward making a better Chicago. Accordingly, the programs of the Kufi Club of Chicago are designed to develop the leadership and intellectual skills needed to prepare our inner-city youth in taking a more active and leadership role in making Chicago a greater and better city to live without all the mayhem and violence that is plaguing various areas of the city at the moment. Therefore, the Chicago skyline is depicted in the emblem to show that the Kufi Club is taking responsibility in helping to mold and shape Chicago's future leaders and decision-makers.
Lastly, depicted on the Kufi Club of Chicago's emblem is the entire planet Earth. Hence, not only will the club develop the future leaders of Chicago; the Kufi Club will also produce the future leaders of the world. Furthermore, the intent is that the Kufi Club will grow and expand to the degree that their will not only be Kufi Clubs throughout America but also throughout the world. Additionally, the Kufi Club will provide field trip experiences in which its members will travel both nationally and internationally as they learn to become honorable and productive global citizens.